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COVID Protocols

There is really only one new consideration, but it affects how we'll do everything for awhile.

Hygiene has always been a top priority of course.  But with a novel virus we're starting over in a way.  To create a safe working environment for me, and a safe relaxing space for you we have a couple of vectors of most concern:

aerosol: virus that is carried on the breath, through sneezes, coughing or talking

surfaces: linens, arm chairs, table surfaces

The most active vector  of virus transmission is through the air.

I will require as office policy that you wear a mask, a surgical mask at least, during your entire visit.  I will provide surgical masks if you do not have one.  I will be wearing an N95 or surgical mask the entire time. The masks I use come form a vetted and verified source for efficacy. Due to the prolonged exposure and the close contact of the massage room I think it wise to use the best protection we can.

For when you are prone (face down)  I have created a cloth catch basin under the face cradle to contain your exhalation. When you roll over you will put your mask back on.  Work around the face may be more limited than before.  If this is an area of great need for you, tell me so I can make adjustments.

Few of you are chatty as it is, but we will keep talking to a minimum.

I've also invested in an air purifier.  We'll find the highest level of air flow we can stand noise wise, and I will run the air purifier at high speed for at least two hours between visits.

Summary so far:

less talking


air purifier


Surfaces and the "space"

Every surface you might come into contact with will either be covered with a washable towel, or disinfected. I'll be wearing a fresh smock for each client. Not much you need to do on this end. I'll of course be using fragrance free products.  (Hasn't the hand sanitizer been a horror show of smell?) 

There is a hand-hygiene station that I will ask you to use, as well.  You can either wash your hands in the bathroom, or use the hand sanitizer available in the massage room.

We'll not be hanging out in the living room, but moving straight into the massage room. 


Paying with a card? Please make your .payment  ahead of time at my PayPal account, just use my email: rsm@myabmp.com,  the link is on the services/payments page


leave a check (my preference, if it's all the same to you)  or cash on the table before you leave the room.

We'll reschedule by phone or text



I will ask you to sign an informed consent form that states in part, “I understand that close contact with people increases the risk of infection from COVID-19. By signing this form, I acknowledge that I am aware of the risks involved and give consent to receive massage from this practitioner.” It's a bit longer than that, but you will only need to sign it once.  You can view the consent form here:view consent form

Before each visit I ask that you review this form:health screening questions just to jog your memory of who you've been around and where you might have been. and I'll have a copy of it for you sign each time you come in.  There are reasons for this.  I'll not burden you with the backend of the office requirements.

Sickness and massage/bodywork never go together.. Please cancel your appointment as soon as you are aware of being ill or just not feeling well, or being around someone who is.  Cancellation fees will be waived at this time for everyone.

Contact Tracing

I will be co-operating with any needs per Contact tracing to divulge clients I may have seen If asked.  If this is a privacy concern for you,  you'll want to choose another office.


sounds like a lot, but I'll walk you through it, and I it's pretty routine by now.



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