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Happiness is (a set) of Habits

Does this sound familiar? You've done something over and over, and although you would like to make a different choice, you find you keep doing it? And you don't know why. You say you're going to do it differently the next time, but it's always the same bad choice over and over?


Your brain, and your emotions are stuck in a pattern. Now, maybe that pattern was developed over years and years, or maybe one or two big shocks to the system engraved it in your nervous system. You may not even have any conscious memory of what the origin of this decision making process was. Doesn't matter. There you are, and you're stuck making the same decision over and over.

If you are ready to make a change, garner more success at work, charge up your team's potential and performance, form better relationships and have  better health, plus a score of other benefits - you need to train your brain to make you  happy.  Left to it's devices, you brain will ruminate on all the negative things in your life, mistaking 'keep you safe and alive' for a life in which you are  thriving.

And that's not going to get the job done.

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