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Services, Rates, Payment Methods


A massage session is an investment  in your health.

Investing in your health improves the lives of those you love too.

 Hours and Location


Wednesday - Friday

11AM  or  3 PM   (two appointment slots open per day, times can shift a bit as needed

call me @ 503.493.5954

all sessions are by appointment only; I cannot accept drop-in clients

Located near NE 42nd and Killingsworth Ave. in Portland OR.

(I know you can Google map me, but no drop ins, please.)


I accept: 

  • cash
  • checks
  • send a Pay Pal payment to:  rsm@myabmp.com,
  • or use this link: https://paypal.me/PennyH
  • Venmo
  • Zelle, for established clients

I am currently NOT running credit cards


Same day appointments are not usually available


Massage And other

Modalities rates




60 minutes - $90


     This a good session if it has not been too long since your last massage, or  if you are on a regular maintenance schedule.  This is totally up to how you feel of course.  In the beginning, you may feel like every two weeks is barely enough, but with  regularity, you will be able to maintain that looser feeling and increased wellness for longer periods of time. ........ $90

75 minutes - $110

     Want just a little extra time?  Add an extra 15 minutes to your hour long session.  You may want  extra focus on an area that needs some more attention.  Or just want some extra time to unwind.  This is the 'just right' amount of extra time....$110

90 minutes - $130

     This is a great length of time if you have been under a lot of unusual (or usual) stress, or it has been a long time since you have had a massage. With time a lot of "stuff" accumulates in your tissues that keeps you less comfortable in your body and ties up your body's resources (energy). If you are sluggish and tired, you need a longer massage to get the "gunk" out. The basic math is that if there is a bigger accumulation of irritants in the tissues, it just takes a bit longer to wash it out. And for some (and you know who you are!) it just takes a bit longer to wind down and get into the massage zone. Massage is deeply healing on many levels, and the effects are greatly bolstered if you can be deeply relaxed in body and mind. ..........$130

Hot(Cold) Stone Massage - $110

     Hot Stone massage is deeply relaxing on a whole new level.  With the addition of heat to each new area of the body the effects       deepen.  The stones have a way of sinking in and dissolving the tension in  a really deep way.  You just have to experience it for yourself. You've heard about it for years, come and see what all the fuss is about!............ $110

(The stones can be used cold as well, to draw out inflammation or  cool an overheated body)

The Fab Four.  Add  4 stones to a regular massage to spot treat chronic problem areas, or to try them out......$10

Please tell me when scheduling if you want either of these options, as the stones require preparation.




Reiki - $100

     Reiki is energy, energy that is available to us all.  In the practitioner the flow is greatly increased and  directed. Reiki supports the body's own innate abilities and desire to flow toward harmony, or health, without imposing itself or directing the outcome.  Deeply healing and beneficial for oncology pain and pain of childbirth.  ...........$100


Reiki/Massage - $130

     A combined session of 90 minutes using both modalities. The strengths of each supporting and expanding one another to create a deeply relaxing and healing session, where you can melt into the table and enter another state of body/mind...$130



Age 65 or better?  Take 5% off the price of a 60, 75 or 90 minute session

(plus an additional 5% if you pay in cash, check, or by Zelle )



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