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For my video 'What is EFT"  please click this link: What is EFT?



EFT is Emotional Freedom Techniques.  The form of EFT as it is now, is the fruit of the work of a line of intuitive and observant clinicians going back to the end of WWII. The founder of EFT, Gary Craig, simplified the process and in an act of supreme humanity gave it to the world for free by publishing it on the internet. 


"Penny is an amazing EFT Practitioner. She can take something that is bothering me and help me release those stuck emotions from my body.

She knows what questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter. She knows the science, and spirit of EFT, and is skilled in using EFT to tackle my difficult memories and trauma. It is not as stressful, difficult or exhausting as I feared it might be. Releasing these issues, and putting them to rest, I have more energy to work on other life challenges.

My sessions with Penny have been very valuable, and I highly recommend her and EFT.  Just the free consultation alone was so valuable to me, I recommended it to friends!"  ---Katrina D., EFT Practitioner


EFT is a combination of exposure therapy and tapping on the end points of the body's energy or acupuncture meridians.  This combination of actions may quickly and relatively easily disperse stuck energy.  Painful memories may become plain memories. The memories don't go away, but now you are free of the grief, anger, sadness  associated with them.  This may free your life energy to be used for so much more. More freedom, laughter, better choices, less pain.  Life can begin to unfold in new and better ways.  We like to call it getting 'resourced up.'


"Every EFT session I have with Penny is a complete delight. She approaches tapping with insight and skill, enabling me to deal with my various troubling issues. I especially enjoy Penny’s spirit of gentleness and deep respect, along with her most refreshing sense of humor. I highly recommend her." --Orice Klass, author of Once Upon A Convent


While I focus on pain relief,  EFT is used for a multitude of issues.  When we have an experience that is overwhelming and we can't process it, that energy has to be dealt with somehow.  Usually, we store it in our bodies, where, if it goes unresolved, it can show up later in life as disease, pain, or  phobia; other issues commonly addressed with EFT are weight loss and body image, money, career and relationship troubles, and PTSD.  There is a huge list of what EFT is used for because every action, thought and event has an emotional component.


"I was surprised how much value I got from our session and I believe in recognizing people who do excellent work. I was delighted with the results from EFT with Penny. I had struggled with some personal goals. We identified and worked through emotional issues and events that I'd forgotten. I was surprised how good it felt. My positive energy and confidence increased dramatically.  I was impressed by Penny's knowledge and skill. The whole experience was great."--Bryan J., web designer


If any of this rings a bell for you, take the next step and call or email me for a complimentary discovery session and we'll talk about how you may get rid of the pain, get over the fear and get your life back.  It's easier, more effective, and less scary  than you ever thought possible. You can start by filling out the form at the right hand top of this page to get my free video series: 3 Steps to Start Releasing Stress

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