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Reiki Healing precepts


Just for today, do not anger

Just for today, do not fear

Honor your parents, teachers, and elders

Earn your living honestly

Show gratitude to every living thing


     Reiki.  You have probably heard the word (pronounced ray-key.) In the Pacific Northwest we are blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Surrounded by mountains and oceans and rivers our environment is filled with natural energy as well. This natural abundance of energy creates a favorable environment to foster healing energy.  There are many schools of healing in Oregon, and many of the oldest ones are here as well.  Naturopathic, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, massage therapy,herbal studies, and many more. And many Reiki practitioners and Reiki masters.

     Reiki literally means universal (Rei) life  energy (Ki). It is a subtle but effective healing energy.  Reiki is available to everyone, always. But, in the practitioner the channels that carry Reiki are opened to allow more of the energy to flow more quickly. Reiki supports the body's own innate abilities and desire to flow toward harmony, or health, without imposing itself or directing the outcome.  This is the difference between curing and healing.


Take a Bite

You don't have to believe in Reiki

For it to have a deep effect on you.

You don't have to believe that fruit is delicious

In order to enjoy it.

But you'll have to take a bite first.


     Reiki is a support to both body and soul. It creates more spiritual harmony, and  mental well-being as well. It functions on all levels and down to the smallest particles.  It releases stuck energy, and cleanses the body.  It is an intelligent force that gives what is needed, where it is needed, and no more than what can be tolerated or used. It is deeply relaxing, pleasant and calming.

     Sounds pretty woo-woo so far, huh?  Western medical science is increasingly on board with the benefits of Reiki. St.Charles Cancer Center in Bend, Or. advertises their hands on healing for complete cancer care on billboards! An integral part of their program is attuning (or initiating) patients to level one so they will have the benefits of Reiki in their own hands  to self treat as needed. They are not alone in implementing hands on, and Reiki, care for patients. Used by a rapidly growing number of hospitals around the world, Reiki complements medical treatment, psychological counseling, and massage therapy, and is easily practiced in any setting.  Studies of Reiki show significant reduction of pain, including cancer pain, following treatment. One study cited improvement in immune and nervous system function and increased mobility in patients with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, lupus and fibromyalgia.  At Portsmouth Regional  Hospital in New Hampshire, surgical patients decreased their use of pain medications, stayed for shorter periods, and reported increased satisfaction with pre-and post surgical Reiki sessions. Reiki can improve a cancer patient's ability to tolerate and recover from chemo- and radiation treatments.

Reiki is a gentle supportive healing energy and is never harmful.  It is suitable for babies, fretful children, pregnant women and easing childbirth; for frail elders, the dying - indeed any stage of life, or life process, is aided by an increase in Universal Life Energy. It is used successfully for pets and large animals (who don't worry about placebo effects).  Some use it on their gardens! (The broccoli is not at all worried about what others may think). Every living thing is and receives energy.

I use Reiki on myself every day.  It makes a huge difference in my well being and energy. I strongly believe everyone should take at least the first level (there are three) of Reiki for self healing and to have a healer in every family.  Imagine what a benefit it would be to have this healing energy literally in your own hands!  Reiki is passed from master to student in a series of initiations, or attunements, and level one can be accomplished in a weekend. The person who initiated me is my dear friend and Reiki master, Debbie Ingautiato who can be reached at: Rose&Butterflymassage@gmail.com


I have known both good and ill,

Sin and virtue,

Justice and injustice;

I have passed judgement

and been judged mysellf;

I have gone through

Death and birth,

Joy and sorrow,

Heaven and Hell;

And in the end, I recognized

That I am part of everything

And that everything is part of me.

                                                           Hazarat Inayat Khan



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