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    You feel like this,

            But you'd rather feel.....

like this?  


You need a plan!  


      You've led a busy life, and had the usual bumps along the way. Aches and pains used to come and go.But now they seem to be coming and staying. You don't bounce back from injuries as well as you once did. And maybe you're not quite as limber as you once were. You find yourself guarding your movements to prevent another injury, which you know will lead to more stiffness. Ack! 


 You're ready for a new approach to your health!

Regular massage is not (just) a treat for the body and mind.  It's  health care. Practical and effective. Because it WORKS; massage is the leading alternative healthcare modality chosen by consumers around the country.   


Massage directly and indirectly affects every tissue in your body.  Of course, massage's benefits for muscular aches and pains is well established, but there is growing clinical evidence that massage helps in the treatment of asthma, anxiety, chronic headache- even migraine- and much more. Chronic stress raises the level of stress hormones in the body which aggravates many inflammatory conditions and massage is the best treatment hands down (pun intended) for stress.


Stress does not just go away, it accumulates.

Aging does not necesarily mean decline. By taking action every day to counter the effects of work, sport, stress and disease, you will move forward through the years with more ease and less pain in your body. Massage can be a big tool in your arsenal of graceful aging.  While massage might seem like a passive activity, your body mounts a very active response to it.  It facilitates structural improvements and strengthens your immune system, as well as a host of other benefits.  Every massage is beneficial, but the real benefits come with regularity.


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Below are some of the benefits of massage. And with regularity the benefits accumulate and your aches and pains diminish more and more...


                                                  Ahh, Massage

 As necessary for growth as food, water and shelter.

Massage can increase muscular range of motion, circulation of blood and lymph, boost the function of the immune system, aid in infant development, increase alertness, mental function and feelings of well-being.

Massage improves colic, hyperactivity, headache, and migraine; relieves asthma, stomach and digestive problems, lowers stress and anxiety and improves diseases aggravated by stress; reduces or eliminates muscle pain and tension, and much more.

Babies who are touched a lot thrive a lot. Children who are positively touched are less anxious and depressed and less likely to act out aggressively.

Societies that include a lot of social touching are more peaceful.

Massage..... so much more than just feeling good.




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